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Agents! We need your help! You need to move stealthily through the Agents' Abode solving all of the puzzles and clues, gathering all of the information that you can. This will help you to uncover the treacherous spy who has been leaking national secrets. Remember to hurry Agents: every moment wasted is another secret leaked. Your country is counting on you!

Mobile Escape Games

Looking for something a little bit different to do with your friends and family at a get-together? Then why not consider hiring the Agents' Abode: our first mobile Escape Room. This game will fill your evening and certainly get you thinking. Our Agents' Abode is available to hire for £50 for the day (with a £50 returnable deposit) to collect. It can also be delivered within 3 miles for free. Please talk to a member of our team about the dimensions of the house so you know it will fit in your car. 

You can also come along to our Escape Rooms and play it with your friends there for just £70. 

For more details please drop us an email below; 

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