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Corporate Days & Parties

We provide bespoke packages, with or without catering depending on your specific needs, call our team on 01782 273986 or email 

Team Days Stoke

Corporate Days

Benefits of Escape Rooms For Teams

  • They provide unique, fun team building experiences

  • Groups have to work together to solve problems

  • There are varying styles of puzzles in each room which have to be solved, which encourages people to use their different skill sets to solve in order to escape within 1 hour. 

  • Each room can have up to 8 team members in, meaning we can have 24 team members completing escape rooms at the same time. 

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Bored of the same old celebrations every year? 

Why not book a fun unique way to celebrate your birthday with us and make it one to remember!

We are available to book for children's parties, stag & hen parties and any other celebrations. Our parties can be catered or no catered depending on your requirements. For more information drop us an email or give us a call. 

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