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The Full Story

Join us on the 26th April 2024 at the boiler works, Stoke-On-Trent, and see if you can
solve the murder of Vonda Vonka! Chanel your inner detective and become
embroiled in a unique interactive murder mystery experience. Join our two
Detectives Max Powers and Guy Incognito as they stumble through the investigation
in search of the killer. Look for clues, question suspects and work together to solve
the case: if you can.
Three Blind Mice is a dark, family-friendly comedy that will truly get your blood

You will join a team of up to 16 detectives at your chosen slot time which are;

6pm (1 hour)
7.30pm (1 Hour) 

9pm (1 Hour)

Want to book?

Drop us a message with how many spaces you would like and at which time slot and we will team you up with a set of detectives

Thanks for submitting!

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